Friday, 7 October 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon - Day 14

So what was supposed to be an easy two weeks earning a ridiculous salary has turned into a bit of a surrealistic nightmare. Oh sure it's not been boring, but sometimes I really would like there to be a boring fortnight or two where I don't get arrested or hospitalised or shot at...hmmm though on second thoughts that doesn't sound like it would be all that much fun...

Back to the point though.

This was supposed to be a boring two weeks of following around a very indiscreet woman and reporting back to her very dull husband at the end of it that she was cheating on him, earning a massive amount of money as well as the stupid woman getting what she deserved for not being able to be even the slightest bit cunning in the way she carried on her affairs.

If you have been reading this for the duration you will already be aware that this is not the case, and that on the whole things have begun to stink of being a set up for something that I can't really understand. Especially when I manage to get back to my apartment before 8:30am, when I have been on a long night of spying at the Weldon manor, to discover two gentlemen in suits sitting in my office waiting for me.

Gentlemen in suits are always trouble; businessmen, policemen, spies, politicians, grooms, teenage boys on the way to their prom, teenage boys on their way home after being arrested for fighting at their prom – always, always, always trouble.

I had already had to help one extremely infuriating policeman by the name of Fred Barlow escape from the clutches of Mrs. Henry A. Weldon whilst dodging bullets and Wedgwood projectiles only to be threatened with arrest by the aforementioned irritating upholder of the law. Some people just don't know how to say thank you!

So after all this, having to deal with all this, the last thing I wanted to do was face two gentlemen dressed in suits who had decided to let themselves in. What was worse is they both looked to be stereotypically official...FBI, MI:5 kind of official...It was at this point that I decided that sleeping in a prison cell or hospital bed would have been preferable to walking through that door. Unfortunately, there were no gunfights breaking out in the stairway and I had already dropped Fred off at his home. So I could either go and sleep in a hotel or walk through the door and threaten the two men until they left.

Why is it I always seem to choose the more difficult option?

So I went into my office, told the two men to get out of my there before I shot them...three hours later I woke up in a prison cell...definitely not boring.