Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon – Day 15

I hate prison cells, especially in the winter. Somehow I always seem to be put in the cell that has the broken central heating and I never seem to be in the cells when food is being served! Don't get me wrong, the food they serve in this place is probably worse than aeroplane and hospital food combined, but it's a matter of getting my monies worth from the experience.

I'd been brought in before lunch, been put in an interrogation room when they were serving lunch, put in a cell mid-afternoon, put back in an interrogation room when they served dinner and then left over night to waste away to nothing. I'm sure if they wanted me to talk they would just have to feed me a mouthful and I'd tell them anything the wanted to know just to end the ordeal.

It was bad enough that I'd been brought in for telling men in suits to stop trespassing and get out of my office. Granted there had been a lot more insults and a lot more profanities used in creating sentences to communicate with them but really, was arresting me fair?

My biggest problem was that I didn't know what they wanted in the first place. I'd been arrested for disturbing the peace. I'd hardly call shouting at the top of my voice disturbing the peace, but apparently when it starts babies crying two streets over it counts...

Somehow it didn't feel like a coincidence that the day I managed to get back and was on the verge of forgetting all about the abominable Mrs. Weldon and Henry A. Weldon when the two suits appear in my office.

There are many things in life I would probably do differently, not listening to Daniel Bedingfield and losing thirty seconds of my life that I will never get back would always be top of the list, however right now meeting with Henry A. Weldon would be a very close second.

It only took Fred 18 hours to come down and gloat. Except he didn't gloat, surprisingly, he was actually genuinely concerned. If anything would worry me, it's getting a visit from a worried, normally insufferable now police sergeant.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I manage to get into these situations.