Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Why is it that the day that is supposed to be the mushiest, gushiest, most annoying day of the year is actually my best business day throughout the whole year?

It's enough to make someone cynical...if I wasn't cynical already...Valentine's Day gives me two solid weeks of work either side of the day that means I can't do anything other than plough through each case! It's amazing how long the human body can function without sleep as long as there is takeaway food and alcohol available.

This year for example I had eight women asking me to find the men that were stalking them and then hand them over to the police, was rather unfortunate for Constable Evans really; seven men who wanted me to follow their wives to find out if they were having affairs, six women asking me to follow their husbands, five men asking me to follow their wives so they could have affairs without being caught, four teenagers wanting me to find them dates for Valentine's Day, three women asking me out for Valentine's Day, two men asking me out for Valentine's Day and final one really annoying policeman breaking up with yet another bimbo and wanting to spend the day with me.

Avoiding the last six makes getting my actual work done very difficult.