Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon - Day 2

So having had an unexpected start to what should have been a rather dull two weeks of detection I spent most of the night awake trying to decide what to do. I wasn't trying to decide what to do in regards to Mrs. Weldon, that was obvious but there was no point in going to see her for at least a week yet – no need for me to do myself out of a weeks wages. I had other detective work to do and since I couldn't pay myself for it, well Henry A. Weldon could instead.

I had two options in finding out who was following me 1) Go to a very annoy sergeant and ask for help or 2)Go out into the wider world and let the dangerous competent tailer follow me until either I found out who it was and what they wanted or they killed me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out which option I went for...unfortunately before I could even leave my office in a race against death, a very annoying police sergeant opened the door.

Newly promoted police sergeant, Frederick Barlow, or Fred as he continually asked me to call him; has this nasty habit of appearing just when I don't want him to.
This was one of those occasions.

He spent twenty minutes asking me questions about what I was doing for Mr. Weldon, which prompted lots of questions from me about if he was bugging my phone in order to know so much about a job I was only given yesterday. This led to him mumbling something about somewhere else that he needed to be and he left me to it. Well he then decided to start following me – he isn't very competent when it comes to tailing somebody and because of that he is very easy to lose.

It was a full half an hour before I got the horrible feeling that I was being followed again – the horrible nagging suspicion that only a trained professionally can arouse in you when you second guess everything and everyone around you. Most people, I guess, never have to deal with that, but I had felt it twice before in my lifetime. Once was when a low life named Kevin Metis was following me and my family before he murdered my family. He would have murdered me too except for a very annoying police sergeant, then constable, interfering. 

The other occasion I can remember feeling like this was when I was being followed by an assassin. An extremely dangerous assassin named Ryuu Blade. A contract had been taken out on my life by a man named Derek Long which Ryuu Blade tried to fulfil and had only been thwarted when Fred had convinced Derek Long to cancel the contract.

Part of me suspected that she was back on my case but I really hoped that my suspicions were way off – the last thing I needed on such an easy case was dealing with a psychotic assassin that not even a high speed train could stop.

The other option of course was that I was being followed by some form of government agency but that would be just too far fetched...

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