Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hunting a Priest Killer Day 4

So having held several of the higher ups of the Snake Devils gang hostage for around seven hours before any of them thought of calling for help was not the highlight of my career. I'm not sure whether they thought I would get bored and start shooting them which would automatically raise the alarm or they just weren't at all threatened by my presence, but either way it's still a really long time to be sat in a dark, dank, back room with rough, violent men.

After seven hours I was debating whether or not just shooting them wouldn't have been a good idea, but then Sykes sent in his advanced team...and when I say advanced team, I mean overenthusiastic young boys. Three rounds in the wall was enough to send them running out the door they had boldly entered through.

Unfortunately they replied with their own gunfire. When I say unfortunately, I mean unfortunately for them...the men I was holding hostage didn't take too kindly to being shot by peons. I decided that getting in the middle of this particular gunfight probably wasn't in my best interest, so I slipped quietly out of the side door.

I would like it if one plan, just one plan, could come off without a hitch or completely falling apart.

However the seven hours I had spent with my hostages had provided me with a lot of very useful information that I should have shared with Fred but with him still wanting to arrest me, I wasn't really in the sharing mood. I need to make myself scarce though as the would be police on their way due to caring citizens not wanting the gun battle in the bar to spill out onto the street.

I needed somewhere that I could sit down and think through everything I had found out. It needed to be somewhere quiet, somewhere that people rarely visited and the last place the police would think of looking for me...


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  2. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

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