Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon - Day 12

Three days! Three whole days I was locked up for by that idiot for trespassing even though it was blatantly clear to any imbecile that I had been kidnapped and imprisoned.

Sometimes I think Fred just does this to annoy me.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Something about the Weldon fiasco just doesn't feel right and I don't like being locked up in wardrobes or prison cells for that matter.

Reasons why Henry A. Weldon would knock me out and lock me in a now broken wardrobe: -
  1. Because that kind of thing turns him on.
  2. Because he had run out of space in the dungeon below his mansion
  3. The wine cellar was full
  4. I was hired under false pretences and am now being made to look a fool and the only way to dispatch me was to lock me up.
  5. I would have shot him if he hadn't.

In all fairness to the last point, I'm going to shoot him because he did lock me up so it really is a lose-lose situation for him.

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