Friday, 23 September 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon – Day 13

There aren't many reasons in the world to stay up past 3am. Insomnia and insane drinking binges seem to be the only reasons I have stayed out of bed for before. This is of course excluding my current activities.

My watch told me it was 03:05 and I was sat outside of Henry A. Weldon's house watching the movements of the inhabitants. The aforementioned owner of said property was missing, absent, if you will.

Mrs. Weldon was, however, as active as ever.

In a room downstairs was a very familiar figure. Yes, the illustrious and infuriating Fred Barlow was sat in full uniform in what appeared to be the living room. I wasn't all to surprised that he had seemingly succumbed to the charms of the insatiable lady of the house.

I wasn't here in an official capacity. Naturally, having escaped being looked in a wardrobe I assumed that my employment was now terminated. But I wanted answers as to what was going on. Normally I wouldn't have cared – no money = no interest for me. Locking me in a wardrobe, get me arrested for trespassing and generally trying to make me look foolish really gets my back up. I was in the mood for a little payback, not that I have a desperate thirst for revenge that needs to be slaked or anything...

Mrs Weldon was upstairs, moving around in a room with three other men. At this moment in time they were all fully clothed and seemed to be arguing about something – if I could lip read I would have known what that something was, however I had never bothered to learn, bugging people's homes, offices and other locations generally negates the need to. Fred was sat downstairs looking very bored and like he wanted to leave already. I watched him walk round the room three times, try the door (to find it locked) and then sit down with his head in hands.

Apparently not so much succumbed to the charms. However did mean that I needed to get a closer look – hopefully I can avoid incarceration this time...

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