Sunday, 18 January 2015

Salsa Lessons

Dancing is something I like, I don't do it very often, but I like it.

I like it because dancing gives you a chance to let go of all your emotions and focus on nothing except the music and moving to it. That and if you really don't like your partner you can stand on their toes in high heels repeatedly and pretend it was an accident.

I much prefer ballroom dancing to anything else though, street dance, ballet, tap, jazz and modern are all very well and good but they just don't have the same feel to them. Then there is salsa. Salsa just isn't for me, the attitude and people that you end up dancing with at salsa lessons are not the kind of people that I go dancing to mix with - yes you've guessed it, Harry does salsa.

Ah, you thought it was going to be Fred, but no, Harry loves to salsa. It's a great way to meet women apparently...I've never thought that Harry needed help meeting women, but then again, I guess that if you go to the same bars, pubs and clubs all the time there are only a small amount of women to go through before you run out - at least if you go through women the way that Harry does.

The only time I've done salsa it only took around thirty seconds before I slapped Harry and threatened to shoot him...I may have gotten thrown out for that.

Going back to ballroom dancing was the only sensible thing to do after that it rekindle my love of the sport after salsa left a bad taste in mouth and a red mark on Harry's cheek. It was then that I discovered that Fred had decided to start coming to my ballroom dancing class. Turns out he is much more of a gentleman when it comes to dancing than Harry is and that he's actually good at it.

By the end of the evening, I left Fred alone for less than a minute and found that he was surrounded by women clamouring to give him their phone number. I only hope Harry doesn't find out about this - I don't want him coming here once he's gone through all the women at his salsa class.

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