Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon - Day 4

So this whole day could have gone a lot better.

Firstly Mrs. Weldon did not take kindly to being blackmailed – in fact I am fairly sure she threatened me. She also told me she would make sure that I didn't get any money from her husband for the work I had been doing...

I really do not like this woman.

Secondly I ran out of whiskey and when I went out to buy more I got shot at by masked men from rooftops and then when I returned fire to defend myself, I am the one that got arrested!

Thirdly I got put into a jail cell for six hours before anyone came to take my statement and when they did – yes you've guessed it – it was Fred. He took great pleasure in keeping me in the interview room and then put me back in the jail cell for more hours and by the time I got out of the jail cell, everywhere that sold whiskey was closed.

Fourthly when I got back to my apartment and office I found fire engines outside and the building on fire.

So needless to say I got no work done today, didn't get any money and now have to wait until the fire brigade is done before I can go back into my office and apartment!

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