Friday, 18 March 2011

The Case of Mrs. Weldon – Henry A. Weldon

Five Reasons Why I should kill Henry A. Weldon:
  1. He is an arrogant self-opinionated blow-hard that needs to be educated in how dangerous orphaned women with guns can be.
  2. He believes anything his wife tells him, no matter how ridiculous
  3. He thinks it's acceptable to knock me out and lock me in a cupboard for three days
  4. His moustache is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen since it's split into two parts since he seemingly is incapable of growing one complete one.
  5. Getting money from him is harder than convincing the BNP that immigration has benefits.
Five Reasons Why I shouldn't kill Henry A. Weldon:
  1. He owes me money.
  2. He hasn't found out yet just how many men and women his wife is having affairs with, nor seen the photographs of these trysts that are now my life's main goal to obtain.
  3. He owes me money.
  4. He doesn't yet know how much pain I am going to inflict on him for locking me in a cupboard.
  5. He owes me money.

At the moment whether he lives or dies is still a very close run thing.

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